Sweet Words from our Couples

Jasmine & Tyler

Staci! Tyler and I do not have the words to describe what it meant for us to have you both there at our wedding! We truly feel like the luckiest people! I have no doubt that the photos will come out amazing but your amazing energy and support you both brought to our wedding was even more special 🥹! Literally each of our guests came up to us to say how amazing the two of you were! You brought grounding energy and support to a buzzing day! You two are so incredible and we are so grateful to have crossed paths

Yana & Lev

The way we all SCREAMED when we opened the link and then kept screaming for the next 40 minutes looking at all the photos!! You are a superstar... Seriously obsessed with our photos

Olivia & Garrett

THE BEST DUO AROUND! Staci and her husband Michael are honestly one of my favorite choices from the wedding! Not only did they make everyone feel so comfortable and their work is STUNNING but also went above and beyond with filming a last-minute bouquet toss that was not planned at all but took it on her phone and sent it to me! It meant SO much to me. They are also the SWEETEST people with grins for the whole night.

Kara & Cisco

Oh my gosh we are so in love with them! 🤩 We adore them and there are such sweet and special moments captured. 🥰 There’s also some hilarious ones, we can’t stop laughing when we zoom into people’s faces in the group photo! 😂Thank you so so much, we are so happy with them. 🥹❤️

Cristina & Sean

OMG OMG IM OBSESSED!!! I can’t wait to see the rest because I love these so much! You guys were amazing and I’m so glad you were there for our day! Truly the best!

Emma & David

Omg I just started going through all the pictures and I am seriously speechless. You guys captured our day so perfectly, all the little details and so much love. Thank you SO much. These will last a lifetime and they’re so perfect that I could have ever dreamed of. Thanks for being
the best and most fun addition to our special day 🤍

Haley & Carlos

These are better than we could have ever imagined!! I would have literally paid you 3x the amount for just these sneak peak photos LOL Thank you thank you thank you! So happy we found you guys, you truly captured who we are

Samantha & Eric

They are STUNNING! You guys did an amazing job!! You and Michael did an amazing job!! You both went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you so much we are so happy with them! We will get to cherish these forever 💖

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